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Today there are many new contact lens options. We fit and dispense all types of conventional, disposable and frequent replacement soft contact lenses, disposable and custom toric lenses (for astigmatism), colors and rigid gas permeable lenses. Bifocal options are also available including monovision (one eye for distance and one for near.)

Professional lens fitting and personalized instruction complete follow-up and solutions are a part of all new fittings. Re-fitting to improve vision, comfort, convenience or eye health can also be done. We can arrange a day trial program for beginners or previous wearers to provide the opportunity to try new lens designs or materials (bifocals for example.) Home or office delivery can be arranged for lens orders.

Simply the fastest, easiest way to order your replacement contacts online. If you have any technical difficulties, please call 1-800-301-3225. For appointments, either email us directly or give our office a call. For more Rebates call us direct!

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