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Protecting your eyes from occupational hazards and recreational exertion is always important. And wearing occupational eyewear doesn't mean you can’t be stylish at the same time. At Jemm Optical, we offer our customers of Monmouth County prescription safety glasses designed for every activity and are sure to protect your eyes while enhancing your look. We work with leading specialty eyewear designers that include Progear, Rec Specs, and Wiley X to provide the finest materials, latest styles, and unsurpassed craftsmanship that meet industry safety and impact standards and are customized to address your needs. Both prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear products are available in a range of shapes, styles, sizes, and colors, and customized for every type of activity.

​According to The Vision Council, the global voice for vision care products and services, specialty eyewear is crucial for specific activities such as work, sports, hobbies, computer work, driving, and more. Besides improving your vision, the special features of quality prescription safety glasses allow you to better enjoy your active lifestyle and reduce the risk of injury.

Prescription Safety Glasses Goggles Sports Monmouth County nj

Prescription Safety Glasses Goggles Sports Monmouth County nj

Prescription Sports Glasses & Sports Goggles in Monmouth County

Sports Sight

Jemm Optical of Monmouth County will keep your eyes safe on and off the field. Whether you’re a golfer or tennis player who needs to keep your eye on the ball, a soccer or football player who enjoys running up and down the field, a skier who loves racing down the slopes, a swimmer diving off the highboard, fisherman fishing, or a recreational or school athlete who’s giving your all for the team, prescription sports glasses can provide just what you need to enhance your skills while protecting your vision. Each year, more than 40,000 sports-related eye injuries in the U.S. require a visit to the emergency room – but nearly all eye injuries are preventable with the right sports glasses protection. And studies show that rather than hindering an athlete’s sight, protective eyewear such as sports goggles or glasses can help their performance by eliminating the worry of eye injury and allowing them to focus on their activity.

Protective Eyewear & Safety Goggles in Monmouth County

For factory workers surrounded by industrial equipment, contractors laboring in the midst of sand, dirt, dust, and debris, or members of the military or law enforcement who face hazardous situations, safety eyewear is essential. Occupational eyewear is equally important for office workers who spend hours looking at a computer screen, crafters who do close-up work, or vehicle drivers who must travel long distances, causing damaging eyestrain. Nearly 800,000 work-related eye injuries occur each year – most often among those who work with heavy machinery, equipment with moving parts, or in construction, although employees in a wide range of professions are at risk for eye injury, strain, and fatigue. Specially designed or enhanced lenses, frames, glasses, or safety goggles can help keep your eyes protected, day and night, wherever your job takes you.

Day-to-day eyewear doesn’t always address all needs. Be sure to contact us or visit our boutique in Monmouth County if you have any questions about how to determine the best sports or protective eyewear for you and your active lifestyle.

Prescription Safety Glasses Goggles Sports Monmouth County nj

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