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Color for the Colorblind

Jemm Optical is an official authorized retailor of EnChroma color blind glasses providing New Jersey with the best in color vision technology. These colorblind glasses are uniquely engineered to give those with color blindness the ability to see the broad spectrum of bright color most of us take for granted. Invented by a Ph.D. glass scientist and UC Berkeley mathematician, EnChroma's revolutionary glasses combine the latest in color perception neuroscience and lens innovation to improve the lives of people around the world.

Utilizing a patented light filter technique, this sophisticated lens technology is applied with mathematical precision to address common forms of red-green colorblindness. We offer many modern collections in an array of styles that are all Rx customizable to provide bright, vibrant color for all. We invite you to visit our boutique in downtown Freehold and allow us to answer any questions you may have.


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Why Choose EnChroma Eyewear for Color Blindness?

Cutting-Edge Color Vision Technology

No other product delivers our spectral lens technology to impart a broader range of clear, vibrant color.

Premium Lens Performance

All EnChroma glasses are made with Trivex® lens material for optimal clarity, lightness, and strength--plus 100% UV protection.

Modern Styles

We offer an array of trend-setting, classic, and sporty styles to fit any look.

Risk Free

Try EnChroma color blind glasses and if you don't experience the color you'd hoped, return them within 60 days for free.

Based in Berkeley, California, EnChroma received a SBIR grant from the National Institute of Health(NIH) and earned the 2016 Tibbets Award from the U.S. Small Business Administration in recognition of the firm's innovative impact on the human experience through technology. EnChroma continues to advance its revolutionary lens technology with inventions that improve access and accessibility for the color blind community and beyond.

For more information visit ​​EnChroma.com


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